What Is A Solar Carport?

Solar Carport

Solar Carport

Rapid advances in solar power technology have enabled electric car owners to begin considering the possibility of equipping a garage, parking location or covered port with a self-contained power system. With such a system, they would have the option of independently charging their vehicle without additional purchases of electricity or the need for a remote charging station.

Many outdoor parking areas have canopies built to protect vehicles from exposure to sunlight. A solar carport simply takes this existing structure and equips it with solar panels. Photo-voltaic cells installed on the roof of such a structure can be used to generate independent power during any time when sunlight is available. That power can then be directed to a system that recharges a vehicle’s batteries.

The only design requirement for a carport is a suitable surface upon which solar panels can be installed. For most structures, the most obvious choice is the roof.

Advantages of Solar Carports

The key advantage of a solar carport is the preservation of space. Other configurations of solar panels, canopy structures and parking space often require ground mounted panels, which increases the square footage necessary for the structure to operate. The canopy configuration, by contrast, offers efficiency of design and keeps the solar panels high enough off the ground to avoid the kinds of hazards that might occur due to pets, other vehicles or debris from trees or refuse.

Cost Benefits

Any technology that can produce energy is likely to pay for itself in short order. The double benefit of independent power production and the ability to avoid additional purchases of electricity produced by third parties creates a compelling combination for the solar carport option.

While there are certainly costs involved in new construction and in equipping a structure with the necessary technology to manage power production for an electric car, most such costs are one-time expenses, where the ongoing ability to recharge a vehicle, avoid gasoline expenses and avoid purchases of electricity from third parties all accrue towards a break-even point beyond which a solar carport is revenue-positive.

With the number of companies looking into the possibilities of providing solar power for their employees and the rising popularity of electric vehicles, a solar carport is an option many homeowners might want to consider.

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