EV Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

California Solar Solutions can help you with your EV charging station installation in Southern California. If you are wanting to get an electric vehicle charging station installed on your residential or commercial property, simply call California Solar Solutions to get your quote today. We match you with the right contractors who can get the job done from start to finish without a hiccup.

Having solar panels installed on your home comes with great benefits, but it doesn’t have to stop at the building. If your car runs on electric power, adding an electric vehicle – EV for short – solar charging station to your layout can be a worthy investment. Keep reading to find out how they work.

EV Charging Stations by California Solar Solutions

EV charging stations can supply energy from all sorts of homes and businesses, whether from healthy sources or not. Combining solar power with a station ensures a cleaner way to power your vehicles, plus it benefits both your wallet and the environment. If the upfront costs of putting a solar charging station don’t deter you, you can be certain you’re driving on cheaper, renewable sunshine. Stations can vary from just the plug wired into your home to a full set of panels with room for your car underneath, but no matter the setup, your car can get the fuel it needs with zero harmful chemicals or emissions. Once you’ve charged it enough, you can unplug and be on your way.

Those needing to connect their stations to a grid will find it isn’t difficult or complicated. The station is hooked up to your grid of choice the same way as your home’s other appliances, getting energy from the grid as it’s sent to your home. Installation is a quick matter of adding the charger and plug to your home and using it when you’re ready; beyond this process, the station doesn’t have to be plugged straight into your home’s solar panels. The panels will use their special electrical components and transmitters to transport unused energy back to the grid, so you can feel free to charge your vehicle as you would smaller devices.

Standalone EV solar charging stations collect energy from panels set atop steel ballasts; the energy is then stored in a connected battery for smaller doses of power when needed. These don’t need to be connected to a grid or even a home at all, although it does mean you won’t be able to send unused power back for power credits. Like wall stations, however, they still save money and emissions from being spent by fuel-run systems.

Regardless of which kind you pick, EV solar charging stations leave a positive impact on you and the world around you. A little investment in clean energy can get you on your way to being purely powered by sunshine.

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