Best Roof Types For Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is becoming a popular option for consumers who want to save money and the environment. Installing solar panels may help you lower your energy bills, but only if you have the right kind of roof. Here are 4 kinds of roofs that are ideal for solar panel installation.

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4 Roof Types Which Are Great For Solar Panels

South or West Facing Roofs

In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun travels across the southern horizon. Its rays are the strongest on the south-facing part of your roof, so solar panels will produce the most electricity here.

If you have an east-west oriented roof, you can still benefit from solar energy. Home energy demand tends to be higher in the late afternoon, especially during the summer when your air conditioner is running. Because the sun sets in the west, solar panels on the west-facing side of your roof will produce energy when you need it the most.

Sunny Roofs

Solar panels on your roof will only generate power if they receive direct sunlight. The sunny part of your roof also needs to be big enough to fit all the solar panels needed to power your home. If your roof is only partially shaded by a tree or two, you can cut the branches that block the most sunlight.

Sloped Roofs

Sun rays hit the earth’s surfaces at an angle. Your panels will receive the most direct sunlight if they are placed at a 30-degree angle. If your roof is much flatter than that, you can buy racks to properly angle your solar panels. If your roof is much steeper than 30 degrees, solar panel installation will be more costly and difficult.

New Roofs

Most solar panels will last at least 20 years, and many will produce power for much longer than that. If your home needs a new roof during the lifetime of your solar energy system, you will need to remove and reinstall the panels. This will cost you extra money, so it is best to get your roof replaced right before you install new solar panels.