Axitech Solar Panels Installation in Los Angeles CA

Solar energy has been discussed as a money saver for decades. It harvests energy directly from the sun and allows it to be used for electric energy in the home. It can power lights and any appliance that runs on electric.

Residential solar arrays also called solar photovoltaic or PV systems are manufactured and placed on the roof or other surfaces of the home to absorb the solar power.

Axitech has consistently been placed on many “best of” solar panel lists by consumer testing groups over the last ten years. This is because they have products proudly made in the U.S.A., specifically, Nebraska. In addition, they offer the best warranty in the entire trade: 12 years. This is an average of two years longer than their closest competitor. The only reason they would offer the best warranty is because they stand behind their product.

Axitech solar panels are very low maintenance. Once they are installed, the customer can generally forget about them. When they see the difference in their electric bills, they pay for themselves in just a few months.

A company that offers a great quality product with a warranty would not be worth much if their customer service was poor. Axitech has knowledgeable and helpful customer representatives and sales people available for any problems or questions.

California Solar Solutions Installs Axitech Solar Panels

Do you own property in Los Angeles and want to get Axitech solar panels installed? California Solar Solutions can complete the project from start to finish. To get the process started, you should give our office a call to discuss. Our office line can be reached at 323-617-5038.

Axitech solar panels are among the leading brands in solar panels. California Solar Solutions only utilizes products made by the best manufacturers.